I’M NOT MATT CHRISTOPHER . . . but I kinda used to sorta be

Yes, for more than a decade, “under the auspices of Matt Christopher” [contractually obligated language] I penned virtually all the “sports biography” titles under the Matt Christopher non de plume for Little Brown.  On most of those titles, you’ll see my name on the title page.  They’re all listed on the publication list on the “About Glenn Stout” page.

Unfortunately, despite the fact they they were not only the best selling books of their type in the genre, and outsold most of the Matt Christopher fiction titles, in 2007 decisions were made by people other than myself to go another direction with the books, and, namely, have somebody else write them – probably for less money.  That’s unfortunate, because I enjoyed providing so many kids with books they liked to read, and I enjoyed meeting the thousands of kids I had the opportunity to meet when I was asked to visit their classrooms.  Nothing like having teachers tell you that until a kid discovered my books, they wouldn’t read, and now they can’t stop.

However, I am happy to announce that I now have my own juvenile series of kids books with a sports emphasis.

I think they’re better than the Matt Christopher books I’m not writing anymore.  See www.goodsportsbyglennstout.com for more details

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