As author of more than ninety books for the adult and juvenile market, hundreds of features, as editor /co-author/ghostwriter of many book-length projects, more than two hundred features, columns and reported stories, and curator of more than 200 longform features, I have vast experience in many forms of writing. If you need help with:

A book proposal

A longform narrative

A book manuscript (original, ghostwritten or collaborative)

need direction, coaching, or just a sounding board for your story or book idea, you’ve come to the right place

I have successfully helped authors create book proposals that have resulted in adult trade publishing contracts, have assisted authors in the creation, completion and editing of final book manuscripts in preparation for publication, ghostwritten personal narratives and other non-fiction, produced oral histories, provided a wide range of valuable coaching and editorial advice throughout the creative process for both longform articles and books, launched and operated a narrative journalism program for a major website, edited award-winning longform journalism that has been the subject of a feature on the Nieman Storyboard, have edited had multiple stories recognized by aggregators such as  Longform, Longreads and others that have garnered interest from the film, television and book publishing industries. In the past five years no fewer than four stories I edited for others have resulted in book publishing contracts, and five other writers I have mentored on book proposals have secured their first major publishing contracts.

From 2019…Here’s one, J. David Herman’s Almost Yankees:


I also consulted with Fenway Groundskeeper Dave Mellor on the manuscript for his PTSD memoir, One Base at a Time:


And I helped a young writer with a longform story that recently won the 2019 Michael Brick Storytelling Award from TXASME, the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors


I am also available for writing and teaching at narrative workshops and in the past few years have  spent several weeks teaching at both the narrative nonfiction writing workshop at the Archer City Story Center in Archer City, Texas with acclaimed Canadian journalists Eva Holland and Brett Popplewell, Director and best-selling author Kim Cross, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jacqui Banaszynski, as well as leading my own Book Proposal Workshop.



Glenn treats the words that make it into print like an inheritance, like objects that are being passed down. And I believe he wants, more than anything, for those words to be good—to be worthy—and for them to continue to be good. I don’t know anyone who’s done more to seek out and highlight bright new talent… as far I can tell, one man was pushing out a magazine’s worth of features each month by himself rather than with a masthead of twenty or thirty”  -Chris Jones, former Writer-at-Large, Esquire, National Magazine Award winner

“Conversations with Glenn Stout rival any writing workshop in the country…I get LOTS of credit for my work on race, sport, society. Who have I conceptualized EVERY idea with for the past 20 years? Glenn Stout ” – Howard Bryant, ESPN, author of The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron , and finalist National Magazine Award in Commentary

“I’ve written 47 books and hundreds of articles. I’ve never – and I mean never – had an editor who challenged me in a more positive way than Glenn Stout did. The demands he put upon me were all aimed at making my writing better.” – Thomas Hauser – Author of“Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times” and “Missing” (also an Academy-Award-winning film starring Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek)

“I wrote and worked with Glenn on two stories about sexual assault of which I’m extremely proud. Benefitting from his thoroughness, sensitivity and wisdom is the type of experience I would recommend to any writer. -Greg Hanlon, Best American Sports Writing 2015, 2015 Livingston Award Finalist for National Reporting,

Glenn Stout is, hands down, the best editor I have worked with in my nearly 20 years as a reporter. When you work with Glenn, you work with an editor who cares more about the story you’re telling, and how you’re telling it, than anything else. He gives his reporters wide latitude to explore the possibilities, while also gently pulling you along a path that leads to great stories. The best work of my career — a story about the second-best horseshoe pitcher in the world, a story about a trans-sexual Olympian from the early 1900s, and a piece of memoir on running and surviving childhood cancer — were all edited by Glenn. And they would not have gotten to the level they did without his work. – Matt Tullis, author of  “The Ghosts I Run With”

“You’ll work very hard … and you’ll have one of the most fulfilling experiences of your career, from a creative standpoint. ” –WhoPaysWriters.com

 “Glenn Stout has been a columnist for Boston Baseball for over 20 years and two million magazines, and has consistently been our most-commented-upon contributor…  Glenn’s ability to do serious research one day and wax poetic the next marks a versatility which is almost unknown in writing circles, but which is only natural, given the impressive body of varied, compelling work that has marked his unique career. – Mike Rutstein, publisher

“The most supportive, kind and talented editor I’ve ever worked with. ” – Ashley Harrell, 2014 Livingston Award Finalist in International Reporting.

“I mean, if you’re looking for someone who can consistently put one word after another to form interesting sentences, and one sentence after another to make thought-provoking paragraphs, and one paragraph after another to construct stimulating chapters, Stout’s name has got to be on your short list. ” -Steven Gietschier, NINE.

 “Glenn Stout was my coach, partner, counsel, interpreter, editor, co-writer and friend.  He made order out of hundreds of pages of thought, narratives and letters.  He interviewed me for many hours in order to help me fill in the places I had omitted or forgotten or, in some cases, was unwilling to face.” -Dr. John Parrish, author of Autopsy of War

As a well-known and well-respected agent recently wrote a previously unpublished client after accepting a book proposal he wrote under my direction: “…You’ve written a first-rate proposal that needs very little work. This puts you in a notable minority among my stable, as I typically get closely involved in helping clients revise. You don’t need much, not at all.”

An esteemed editor recently wrote one of my clients soon after he submitted the final manuscript:

“I read your manuscript. straight through a couple of weeks ago… I just want you to know that I was knocked out by your book . . .  brilliant – powerful, deeply disturbing. . .  as candid as I have ever read. .  . I want you to know I think you have done an amazing job and I hope we will be able to find the audience for it the book so richly deserves.”

Another added:  “An excellent manuscript.  Very powerful.  Very well written. . . as you’ll see, I don’t have extensive comments. . .”

Another writer recently told me:

“The opportunity to work with you is a dream come true.”

Another client had this to say:

“I am very pleased with your work.  I enjoyed the process.  I learned a great deal. . . You are wonderful.”

Or as he informed his editor:

“I very much enjoyed working with Glenn and would recommend him highly to any of your writers.”

And from a longform author:

“This piece has improved at least tenfold since it first hit your inbox. I trust your instincts completely. This whole process has been unbelievable. It’s been like writer fantasy camp.”

And another:

“I feel like you were kind of our Gordon Lish on this one; you definitely elevated the story and I can’t explain how much we appreciate all your work.”


For personal author services I specialize in sports, narrative non-fiction, and memoirs – difficult stories that matter –  I am very discriminating and for book-length work I only accept clients I deeply believe in and whose projects I feel are worthy, vital and significant.  In select situations I will consider co-authorship with authors who are not professional writers who have a story that I feel needs to be told.

Consultations for editorial services for publications both print and internet are also considered on a case-by-case basis.

For fees and more information, contact Glenn at glennstout@fairpoint.net

References available.



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